Domestic Gardening Services Covering Cumbria & Lancashire

Are you looking for the perfect garden to complement your home? At Andrew Tennant Landscaping, our domestic gardening services can help you with any sized requests you have, from water features, to dry walling, to pruning your hedges or trees & garden cleanups. We cover the Cumbria & Lancashire areas, including Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancaster, Kendal, Bentham & surrounding areas.

Trees, Bushes & Hedges Pruning

It’s that time of year where your garden probably needs a little tidying & cleanup for the soon to arrive winter months. We can bring your front or back garden back to life & can assist with the pruning of your hedges or overgrown plants & trees. With regular annual pruning, trees, bushes or plants need this year’s fresh growth to been removed during a late summer prune. We will bring your garden back to life & look great for the forthcoming winter.

Weeding & Grass Cutting

This is the time to sort out your lawn. Grass has an autumn growth spurt about now so any stress you put it under should grow out before winter sets in. We can help you re-sow or lay new turf on areas that are bare or patchy. If you’ve got a lot of thatch in your lawn – old grass along the top of the soil –it might be a good idea to scarify the lawn. Do you need specialist help to rid your patio area and garden of weeds? We provide ongoing grass cutting services for your convenience.

Hedges & Tree Cutting

Are your neighbours complaining about your hedge(s) or tree(s) spilling over into their garden due to the last spirt of growth before the winter? Here at Andrew Tennant Landscaping based in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, we specialise in the cleanup and cutting of overgrown hedges and trees. It’s a great time of year to start the trimming and re-shaping of the overgrown hedges and trees that are beginning to get out of control.

For domestic gardening services in Cumbria & Lancashire including tree pruning & garden cleanups, call us today

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We can fill your garden with ornaments of all styles.

Water Features

Do you want a pond or a bird bath for your garden?


We can visit your garden as often as you like for maintenance.

Stone Walling

We can construct dry stone walls for your garden.